Pretty Things Home Decor and Gifts

Pretty Things Home Decor and Gifts

Holiday parties need unique tableware and accessories!

by kat bryson on 10/21/12

So your having a party! How about dressing up your windows and your table with some unique holiday accessories. We have just the thing for your windows, WOWindow Posters are fast, easy, and oh so fun!

Now for the table, how about some festive holiday wine and drinking glasses..

More items are on the way and you can check out some more holiday decor here...

 Browse, Enjoy, Buy it's just that easy!

by Kat


New products!

by kat bryson on 10/21/12

This week there have been quite a few product additions. Painted wine glasses are a popular item this year. We have a few sets of wine glasses with sassy sayings that are colorful and festive for your Holiday gatherings.

These glasses along with some unique bar accessories can really make for some conversation starters ..people will want to know "where did you get that" and of course you will say... at "Pretty Things" where else!

More being uploaded and you can "Sneak-A-Peek" here

Browse, Enjoy, Buy  it so easy. Don't forget we will special shop for you at no extra cost see details on our home page...

Have a great day!


by Kat Bryson



Organize and decorate your foyer or Mudroom for Fall & Winter.

by kat bryson on 10/21/12

Well friends, the leaves are fast falling off the trees and Fall is in the air for sure. With winter right around the corner, some of us are in for some messy weather. Why not organize and spruce up and redecorate that foyer, entryway or mudroom to accommodate the family gear and the mess that comes with bad weather.

Be it rain or snow, we know coming in the house during weather events is famous for two things, wet and dirt. If you organize a bit it may make your life a bit easier on the clean up side.

Let's address the floor first. Having a good non-slip mat at the entrance of the area your using and a heavy duty coir or rubber mat outside to pre clean your shoes or boots before entering. This will minimize the amount of leaves, soil and water that gets tracked in the entryway.

Idea- put up a message center together with a boot tray, (plastic tray filled with pebbles or stones to let the water drip off shoes and boots) a shelf, chalk paint and a few hooks. Life is easier when you have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Go for it you won't be sorry.

Organize for winter weather!

"Blog" Grand Opening!

by kat bryson on 10/12/12

Hello Friends,

This is the first entry for our Pretty Things Decor daily blog page. The purpose of this blog will be to inform and keep you updated daily on the newest trends in Home Fashion. This will include the trending colors, styles and popular themes happening in the DIY home redecorating realm today.

I will also be updating you to all the newest daily or weekly additions to Pretty Things Decor & Gifts.

Bookmark this page so you can visit often for the most recent updates.


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